Winter Session 2018

January 27 – March 28, 2018


“Off and Running” – taught by Frances Fukumitsu & Alan Nakamura  (in Welcome Center 2)

Learn how our faith affects the daily aspects of our lives such as marriage, children, priorities, prayer time, conversation, relationships, responsibility, job performance, and attitude towards self.  Studying the “Off and Running” track in the “How to Find God” Bible.


“Off and Running” (Women’s Koinonia) – taught by Robin Makapagal & Sara Tompkinson  (in Prayer Room/Office)

A group of senior women who will be studying the “Off and Running” track in the “How to Find God” Bible.


“Experiencing God” – taught by Barbara Ching  (Feb 25 – NOW in the Library)

Get to know the Bible through a growing, personal relationship with Him.  Be in the center of His will.  Review “The 7 Realities of Knowing God”.  This class is for people who are:  already committed to Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord; willing to faithfully attend this class for the next 6 months, be a part of a small group, spend at least 30 minutes daily to complete lesson assignments which include reading, answering questions, and memory work.


“The 12 Disciples: Who are These Guys Anyway?”  (Men’s Group) – taught by Steve Kawamura, Duane Chang, & Greg Young  (Gym 1)

Learn about the 12 men who were Jesus’ disciples.  Examine each disciple to see how much his life changed because of his relationships with Jesus and how each man’s gifts fit into God’s plans.


“Basic Bible Skills” – taught by Teri Yanai & Adele Yoshida (in Gym 4)

For students who want to learn to navigate through the Bible, discover its purpose and value, and appreciate the Bible more.


“A Study from the Bible: 1 Peter – Rejoicing for Salvation, Even in the Face of Suffering” – taught by Clive Cowell (in the Gym)

Learn how to live eternally with Christ even in the midst of opposition, even persecution.  There is an enemy at work against us, but Peter assures us that Christ will return – and in this we can rejoice for salvation, even in the face of suffering.


“Kingdom Calling: The Life of Joseph” – taught by Pastor Jonathan Steeper & Robin Kumabe (Feb 25 – NOW upstairs in B Building, Room B4-5)

Explore the life of Joseph (Genesis 37-50) and discover how to live out our Kingdom calling by utilizing our God-given assets, vocational skills, opportunities and gifts, not for self-enrichment, but for the purposes of shalom, to advance God’s justice and goodness to entire cities and nations.