Fall Session 2018

August 5 – October 28, 2018

BIG QUESTIONS Part 4 STUDY from the HOW TO FIND GOD Bible With Study Guide Written by Rev. Dr. Jonathan Steeper

Pastor Clive Cowell in Gym | Linda Stringer in Library

  • SENIORS CLASS with Frances Fukumitsu and Alan Nakamura in Welcome Center2
  • 2 SERVE CLASS with Neilson Chun, Geoffrey Lau and Jerry Chang in Upstairs B 4&5
  • THE JOURNEY CONTINUES-Men’s Class with Steve Kawamura, Duane Young & Greg Young in Gym 1
  • STRIDE (ages 18-22) with Karen Maluo in Preschool Office

REVELATION – The Triumph of Christ by John Stott

SENIOR WOMEN’S KOINONIA with Robin Mapakagal & Sara Tompkinson in Prayer Room

  • The BIG QUESTIONS are:
  • Is the Bible Believable?
  • What is Backsliding?
  • What Happens to Those Who Have Never Heard the Gospel?
  • How Should I View Authority?
  • Does God Approve of Alternative Lifestyles?
  • What Are Spiritual Gifts?
  • Guest Speaker Greg Koukl on “NO PIXIE DUST:  TRUTHS OF SPIRITUAL GROWTH”
  • Guest Speaker Pat Zukeran on Aren’t Other Religions Just as Good as Christianity?
  • Why is Jesus Christ the Only Way To God?
  • Why Would a Good God Send People to Hell?
  • How Can I Tell the Difference Between True and False Teachings About God?
  • Pastor Jonathan Steeper’s Questions & Answer Ending Session.