Sign Up for 1 Hour of Prayer

Every month on the 30th, participate with everyone to covering a full day with prayer. Let’s move mountains with the faith of a mustard seed. Consider including fasting.

How to Sign Up

  • Click on a time slot to sign up.
  • Fill out the pop-up form.
  • See more tips below.

More tips…

  • To be able to delete your signup if needed, you must be using the same device/ browser/ connection/ cookie as then.
  • Hover over long names to see all of them. They are cut off to fit the box.
  • You can click the [x] next to your name to delete it.
  • If using a shared public computer (library, etc), uncheck ‘Make delete-able on this device’ When filling in the signup form. If you do this, others (and you) will not be able to delete your signup.