At Kalihi Union Church we value the truth of the Bible. During the 9 o’clock hour, we have Sunday School classes where people can learn about different topics from a biblical perspective. This is not only a time for learning, but also for building relationships with the people in the class. They will learn together and pray for each other. Don’t worry if you’re a parent with a baby, we also have a nursery open during this time.

Come learn what it means to reflect the heart of God in our daily lives! Explore our various growing experiences below!

Spring Series
Feb 7 to April 25, 2021

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At the End: Last Days of Life

Kurt Kamikawa & Dr. Craig Nakatsuka
with Pastor Clive Cowell &
Lois Pannabecker
Location: Gym Floor
or via Zoom
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To apply scriptural truths toward the fulfillment of our personal mission on earth, building toward God’s will for our end-of-life.

The Judges of Israel

James Kwong
Location: Upstairs B-Bldg
or via Zoom
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This thirteen week class will feature an exposition of the Old Testament book of Judges. The class will explore themes including God’s justice, grace, and sovereignty. Class discussion is encouraged as we focus on God’s provision for his people.

“Let Me Tell You About Jesus”
Evangelism 101

Pastor Kendal Fong with JoAnna Fong
Location: Gym 1
or via Zoom
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Sometimes it can be intimidating to talk about our faith. In this class, we will discuss how to share the good news of Jesus in creative and personal ways. These are just a few of the strategies: how to share a Christian testimony, how to share a gospel tract, and how to use conversation to open the doors to discuss our faith.

Heaven Is Our True Home

Frances Fukumitsu and Alan Nakamura
Location: Welcome Center
or via Zoom
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Heaven is God’s habitation where he is, worshipped and served by angels. Solely on the account of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross, believers will inherit a place in heaven and there forever enjoy perfect fellowship with God in his worship and service. Let’s study our true home and destination.

Experiencing God
Through the Arts

Shelley & Wes Ige
Location: WC2 only

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A class to explore and express different ways to worship God. Through the Bible using the Daily Bread, sign dancing, hula, art, poetry, drawing, and many other forms to express worship.

Fighting the Good Fight
by John Stott

Men’s Journey Class: Steve Kawamura, Duane Chang & Greg Young
Location: Zoom Only

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Let no one say that Scripture is out of date. In 1556 Calvin called 1 Timothy “highly relevant to our own times”. More than 450 years later we can make the same claim of both 1 Timothy & Titus. What will the post-pandemic church look like?  One can only imagine at this point in time but there is a feeling among some that God is preparing the post-pandemic church to be“Lean & Mean”. Lean in its material possessions and mean in that it means what it says.  How exciting can that be? So join us as we explore what God has in store for us in 1 Timothy & Titus.

Finish the Race:
2 Timothy

Senior Women’s: Robin Makapagal & Sara Tompkison
Location: Library
or via Zoom

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The last words of a dying person often have a significant impact on others. In a sense, 2 Timothy is like that. It’s advice from someone who knows he’s come to the end of life. Paul, imprisoned in Rome for the second time, realized he would not be released. Facing death as a martyr, he wrote carefully and deliberately to the heart of the gospel. His “dying words” are words for us to live by. (10 sessions)

The Gospel of Mark
by Francis Chan

Neilson Chun, Jerry Chang & Geoffrey Lau
Location: Zoom Only

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The Gospel of Mark study by Francis Chan. In this study we’re going to follow Jesus’s journey from Galilee to Jerusalem. Along the way, we’ll discover more about the God-Man who came to die for our sins. But we’ll also discover more about ourselves and the barriers we put up along the road of discipleship.