At Kalihi Union Church we value the truth of the Bible. During the 9 o’clock hour, we have Sunday School classes where people can learn about different topics from a biblical perspective. This is not only a time for learning, but also for building relationships with the people in the class. They will learn together and pray for each other. Don’t worry if you’re a parent with a baby, we also have a nursery open during this time.

Come learn what it means to reflect the heart of God in our daily lives! Explore our various growing experiences below!

Fall Series: Activate Prayer
Aug 2-Oct 25, 2020: in gym

For more info, please contact Pastor Clive at (808) 841-7022 x709 or Click here to sign-up

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Week 1: The Exhortation to Pray Eph. 6:18

Week 2: Promises of Prayer John 14:13-14

Week 3: Practicalities of Prayer Luke 5:16

Week 4: Prayers of Praise and Thanksgiving Psalm 66:1

Week 5: Purposes and Priorities of Prayer Matthew 6:9-10

Week 6: Prayer with Support Romans 8:26

Week 7: Prayer of Humility and the Promise of Prayer 2 Chronicles 7:14

Week 8: The Relationship of Prayer and the Effectiveness of Prayer Luke 11:9, 13

Week 9: The Prayer of Faith Hebrews 11:6

Week 10: The Patience and Persistence of Prayer Psalm 40:1

Week 11: The Amen! of Prayer 2 Cor. 1:12

Week 12: The Unity of Prayer John 17:23

Week 13: Prayer for God’s Glory Eph. 3:20-21