At Kalihi Union Church we value the truth of the Bible so have classes where people can learn about different topics from a biblical perspective. This is not only a time for learning, but also for building relationships with the people in the class. They will learn together and pray for each other. Don’t worry if you’re a parent with a baby, we also have a nursery open during this time and children’s Sunday School!

Come learn what it means to reflect the heart of God in our daily lives! Explore our various growing experiences below!

Feb 12 to April 30, 2023

All classes start at 9am unless otherwise indicated. For more info, please call (808) 841-7022.

1 and 2 Peter
Frances Fukumitsu & Alan Nakamura
On Campus


1 and 2 Peter were written in the first century to encourage believers in their Faith. The apostle’s words are just as relevant to believers today as they were to his original readers. Peter reminds us that as the people of God, we are called to a life of Holiness and Hope.

Bring your Bible.

Art and Craft of Biblical Encouragement
James Kwong
On Campus and Zoom

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This 13-week class will equip the student to interpret a Bible passage, devise meaningful and appropriate applications for life, and use oral and/or written communication to encourage his/her audience. Ephesians 4:29 reminds us to use words that are edifying for the need of the moment so that it will extend grace to those that hear.

Bring your Bible, pencil, notebook or laptop and a cheerful attitude.

Christianity 101
Willy & Shirley Ginoza, Adrian Lee
Limit 10 Students
On Campus

Class Full

For beginners, for those who have been Christians for a while but never been schooled in the fundamentals and for those who have had this course but want a refresher. Besides gaining knowledge, you will be introduced learning skills and lifelong habits.

Christianity 201
Glenn Nakasaki
Limit: 10 students
On Campus


Continuation for those who have attended Christianity 101, and a Refresher for those who have taken it in the past. We will continue learning fundamentals, skills and habits. Emphasis on personal testimony.

Fit Spirit at 10:30am
Dave Beers
On Campus


Can you believe everything the Bible says? God creating the world? Would you be able to defend your faith? Come learn practical Apologetics to show the reasonableness of the Christian faith. To help explain our faith, we must know what other belief systems are saying. We will be using Dr. Jay Sakashita’s book (columnist in Midweek magazine) as a springboard for our discussion. Come learn how to always be ready to give an answer to everyone who asks you for the hope you have. (1 Peter 3:15)

Bring your Bible. A copy of Dr. Sakashita’s book will be provided.

Unleashing the Power of Forgiveness
Jody Sherikawa
Limit: 6 students
On Campus

Class Full

As imperfect people living in an imperfect world, we eventually find ourselves needing to extend or receive forgiveness in nearly every relationship. But when the wounds run deep, forgiveness doesn’t come easy.

Bring your Bible, Bible study workbook (to be given in class) and a teachable heart.